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Maia Martinez Mornaghi

Partner at Coeducation Consulting

Co Founder Papprika

Beatriz Arias

Founder and Director of Coeducation Consulting

Co Founder Papprika

​Álvaro Cadenas

Thinking Partner at Coeducation Consulting

Content Researcher and Developer at Papprika

Iona Schnaidler

Project Manager at CoEducation Consulting

Project Management Officer

at Papprika

Karina Tarelli

Health Coach at

Coeducation Consulting

Account Manager at Papprika


Porque tu presente y tu futuro nos importa, estamos para acompañarte.


Rosario Donaldson

Florencia González de Langarica

Associate consultant

Pedagogic curator and learning experiences

María Pisano Costa

Thinking Partner at Coeducation Consulting
Core Competency 
Health Coach Trainer


Elias Gonzalez de Langarica

Commercial Development Senior Analist

Lucía González de Langarica

Graphic Designer